The red and yellow history started in 1967

The red and yellow history started in 1967

The birthday of Jokerit is 27th of October. On that date in 1967 there was a constitutive meeting of the club where builder Aimo Mäkinen and painters Eino Syrjänen and Reino Vilen signed the founding documents of the club association.

The new association was founded to replace an existing club, Töölön Vesa. 

The general public was not aware of Jokerit until the 6th of November 1967, when Nya Pressen published news about the new ice hockey club. According to Seppo Aalto, the compiler and writer of the history of Jokerit, it was very ironic that the news about Jokerit spread in Swedish Day in a newspaper written in Swedish. At the time language was the hot topic in Helsinki ice hockey.

The newspaper stated that Töölön Vesa was forced close ice hockey in the club due to financial difficulties, and that builder Aimo Mäkinen had cleared the club debt. All former players of the now terminated club, led by centre forward Timo Turunen were to be transferred to a new club called Jokerit.

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