Petri Varis

Varis began his career with Kontula’s Ottawa Silver Seven as a junior. 30 years later, he became the all-time point and goal scorer of Jokerit.

Petri Varis

After his childhood years Varis toured various clubs in Helsinki and debuted in first team level with Karhu-Kissat. Through KooKoo and Ässät he came to Jokerit, where he won the Finnish Elite League title three times (1994, -96 and -97). He also won two European Championships (1995 and -96). In spring of 1995 he won Finnish Elite League silver. The natural goal scorer also played abroad during his career, but came back to Jokerit to win silver in tFinnish Elite League in 2000, -05 and -07. During the last playing years Varis was the captain of the team.

Varis was the top scorer of the League in 1997 and 2001. He was chosen the best player in the playoffs 1995–96. The same spring he scored the record of most goals (12) during a single season in Finnish Elite League playoffs.

In Finnish National Ice Hockey Team Varis played a total of 75 matches. He was part of the team when to win bronze in the Olympics in winter 1994.

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