Old Chiefs ry

Old Chiefs Ry is a support club for us, the somewhat elder Jokerit supporters. We have seen the good and the bad seasons, and Jokerit still remains that special club for us.

Old Chiefs ry

We have formed a feeling of partnership and friendship through years of supporting Jokerit Helsinki. Despite having lost some of the hubris and volume, we still stand proud behind our club. Our hearts still beat red and yellow, and so in 2008 we started our own support club that looks and feels like us. 

The choice of the name reflects that as well: Old Chiefs. Many of us have been travelling around Finland and abroad as one part of the big Jokerit family. We were there to create the rise of the club from the lower divisions to the success during the 90s. We hope you will come and join us if you visit the matches regularly and think like we do. You can be younger as well, as long as you share our ideas. Once more, welcome!

Pave, Chairman, Old Chiefs Ry.

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