The father of Jokerit

Master builder Aimo Mäkinen (b. 9 June 1924 - d. 22 March 2003) was the father of the Jokerit hockey club. Formerly known from Finnish baseball, Mäkinen took on some of the debts of Töölön Vesa personally. The bold choices of Mäkinen - who was known as being unpredictable - incited astonishment among established ice hockey people, just like the choices of Hjallis Harkimo would do a few decades later.

The father of Jokerit

Töölön Vesa had a small player with a great shot- Timo Turunen. He was to become the front man of Jokerit during the following years. Other important players were goalie Timo Relas, defencemen Osmo Kuusisto and Risto Levävuo, and forwards Pentti Hiiros, Timo Kyntölä, Timo Neira, Keijo Koivunen, Pekka Vuorio and Olli Hietanen, who went on to become head coach later. The top scorer of the Finnish Championships Series in football Pekka Taalaslahti also made a brief visit, but did not have enough time for ice hockey in the end. He still managed to score five goals in a single Finnish Championships Series game to show his hockey skills.

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