Eteläpääty ry

Established in 2008, Eteläpääty Ry is the official support club of Jokerit Helsinki. Eteläpääty Ry carries on the work of JF-Club Ry (est. 2000) to advance the fan culture of Jokerit Helsinki. The name Eteläpääty (literally South End) comes from the southern home fan stand of Jokerit supporters.

Eteläpääty ry

Anyone can join Eteläpääty Ry, despite of age, season card status or place of origin. We are united by our own team, Jokerit Helsinki. Eteläpääty has been established to give Jokerit supporters a chance to support their favourite team together with people with the same cause. We work actively in co-operation with the club.

The main point for Eteläpääty is to arrange the best possible opportunities for the fans to support their team in Hartwall Arena fan stands. This does not mean, however, that Eteläpääty Ry is the same thing as the Eteläpääty fan stand at Hartwall Arena. A season ticket to the fan stand does not make anyone a member of Eteläpääty Ry and you can very well be a member of Eteläpääty Ry while holding a season ticket to any of the other stands at Hartwall Arena. 

You can participate in what we do easily through social and other online media. Ideas for development are always welcome. The support club has a fan sales desk next to #91 Store at Hartwall Arena stand number 105. Visit Fan Desk to buy Eteläpääty-related products or to discuss the game of the day or Jokerit fan culture in general.

Membership fees are used to support Jokerit Helsinki. We organize trips to away games both in Finland and abroad, provide flags, help in supporting the costs of tifo flags, sell a wide variety of Eteläpääty-themed fan gear and organize special events.

On trips to away games it is easy to meet other supprters - you will always find someone to talk with. A lot of friendships and relationships have been started on these trips. The community aspect is a big part of supporting Jokerit. Feel welcome to come along!