Esa Tikkanen

A Jokerit junior, Tikkanen went on to become a 5-time Stanley Cup winner. After his NHL career, Tikkanen returned to play at Jokerit.

Esa Tikkanen

Tikkanen wore the Jokerit shirt for the first time at the age of 4 when he was known as the skating mascot of the first team. The forward first moved from Jokerit to HJK, then to HIFK and finally all the way to the NHL where he won five Stanley Cups when playing with Edmonton Oilers (4) and New York Rangers (1). 

For 1999–2000 season he returned to Jokerit after retiring NHL. In Jokerit Tikkanen took silver medal with a total of 43 regular season matches and 11 playoff matches.

In the NHL his result was amazing 877 regular season matches with 244+386=630 total points, and 186 playoffs games with 72+60=132 total points. In Finnish National Ice Hockey Team he played 81 international matches, winning Olympic bronze in 1998 and IIHF World Championship in 2000.

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