Contact information

Jokerit offices are located at Hartwall Arena.

Jokerit Office Contact Information

Jokerit Hockey Club Ltd
Areenankuja 1
00240 Helsinki

Tel: 0204 1990
Fax: 0204 1992

Email: or


Management and staff

Mika-Pekka Miettinen, Commercial Director, Tel. 040 023 8612

Jukka Räisänen, Director of Partnerships, Tel. 040 040 3013

Teppo Lounema, Marketing Manager, Tel. 050 592 5632

Ursula Ursin-Ralli, Event Manager, Tel. 040 589 5581

Laura Pussila, Ticket Sales & Service Manager, Tel. 020 419 4450

Iiro Keurulainen, Head of Communications, Tel. 040 505 0731

Jari Vikman, Fan Product Manager, Tel. 0400 716 489

Kirsti Keronen, Fan Product Advisor

Vesa Vilkkula, Head of Logistics, Tel. 040 158 6636

Jussi Lepistö, Partnership Sales, Tel. 040 040 5582

Niko Halttunen. Partnership Sales, Tel. 040 555 4722

Janita Roine, Tele Sales, Tel. 040 770 2215

Interview requests outside the match events:

Arrival by car

You can drive to Jokerit home games and reach our Jokerit Office by following the maps below. Arena maps help you to navigate inside Hartwall Arena and with our seating map, you will find your seat. All links lead to Hartwall Arena pages.

How to find the Arena (PDF)
Arena map of Lower Level 1st floor
Arena map of Upper Level 3rd floor
Access map to the Platinum restaurant and the Cave restaurant (PDF)


Hartwall Arena is a central landmark in Helsinki, and it is easily approachable by car.

Parking arrangements at Hartwall Arena and at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre

Private cars are to be parked in the parking garage of Hartwall Arena.

Paid parking costs €3/hour, the full day fee is €20. During Jokerit games, the parking fee is €8 and at other events €10. Payment in cash.

  • In the parking hall, the maximum vehicle height is 2 meters.
  • At the Exhibition and Convention Centre the parking fee is €10.
  • Parking for the disabled is located on the 4th floor of Hartwall Arena.

Parking fees are paid to the parking attendant at the entrance. The fee covers approximately 5 hours of parking. Only cash payments are accepted.

Rates for outdoor areas:

At the Exhibition and Convention Centre, parking costs €10/day (open for Hartwall Arena guests during events). Walking distance to Hartwall Arena is approximately 200 metres.

The Exhibition and Convention Centre parking services can be paid by cash and with a credit or debit card.

Parking for charter traffic

Buses (i. e. groups coming to events) must be parked at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre parking area. Parking costs €10/day at all times, and it is paid by cash or card to the payment machines.

Buses should drop passengers at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre parking area from where they can walk to the Hartwall Arena. After the event, the guests board their buses in the same area. From Exhibition & Convention Centre parking, there is a signposted pedestrian access (about 200 metres) to Hartwall Arena. Dropping off guests at the bus stop in the front of the arena is difficult and picking up after the event is impossible.

Training hall parking lots

Passenger cars

Hartwall Arena has reserved 16 parking spots to the users of the Training hall at the entrance of the Training Hall.

If the spots are full or reserved for the event organizers, you must park in the Hartwall Arena parking garage for a fee.


During the event days, buses can drop the teams in front of the Training hall entrance.

After dropping the players, the bus has to leave immediately to the Exhibition Hall’s paid parking lot.

During the events, we recommend that buses drive directly to the Exhibition and Convention Centre parking lot. From there, players can walk through the tunnel to Hartwall Arena.

When there is no event at Hartwall Arena, the buses can park in the Hartwall Arena loading area.


Areenankuja is a blind alley where turning around is not possible.

Parking on Areenankuja is strictly prohibited.

For more information on parking:

Tommy Kaila