A Change of Course with Boris

With Majorov as head coach, Jokerit was set on a better path straight from the start of the season. In the first game of the season, they stole a point from title holders JyP HT. During the rest of the season, the team had winning streaks. There was not relegation in sight.

A Change of Course with Boris

The final result was a ninth place, but with the November situation in mind this felt like winning. Teemu Selänne was ranked seventh in points scoring, and made his breakthrough into the elite.  He had beaten the injury from a year before.

In March 1991, Hjallis Harkimo acquired exclusive rights to Jokerit-Hockey Oy, and from then on there was a new tide at the club. A lot of effort was put into marketing, new players were acquired, and one of the major feats by Hjallis was to talk Teemu to stay another year at Jokerit. Markus Ketterer came back from Turku, and top scorer Otakar Janecky from Lappeenranta was another golden catch by Hjallis.

In the spring of 1992, Jokerit won their second Finnish Championship, 19 years after the first one. The roaring 90s had started.

Teemu Selänne left to the NHL in 1992 to hunt the Stanley Cup, which he finally got in 2007. Even with Teemu gone, Jokerit were still going for gold. Slightly surprisingly, they still lost to Porin Ässät in the quarterfinals.

Jokerit was ranked second in the regular season tables, but the time of Boris Majorov as head coach was over due to the playoff disaster. Alpo Suhonen replaced Majorov, but did not manage to hold the job for longer than November. Hannu Aravirta came in and went on to coach Jokerit to two gold medals (1994, 1996) and one silver medal (1995) in the coming three years.

During the autumn of 1994, the Winnipeg Jets held their training camp in Finland, getting ready for the NHL season. Teemu was seen at that time in a Winnipeg shirt, but unexpectedly played at Jokerit during the end of the year due to NHL lockout. Jari Kurri played at Jokerit as well. Teemu and Jari were there to win European Club Cup Championships before the NHL season restarted in January.

A year later, Jokerit defended their European Club Cup Championship. Aravirta moved to coach the Finnish national team in the spring of 1996 after Curt Lindström and was replaced by Curt Lundmark in Jokerit. Jokerit retook the title with Lundmark, the only successful title defence so far in the history of the club. 

With the fifth championship for Jokerit the story of the club at the old ice rink of Helsinki was also coming to a close.